I love Zumba Fitness with Ani as it’s fantastic workout while being lots of fun at the same time. Ani has so much positive energy and enthusiasm which is contagious and before you know it you’re leaving with a sweat and a smile. I enjoy the music and variety of dance moves and always leave feeling better than when I arrived.  Joyce

My Zumba class with Ani is the highlight of my week because I feel so energised! In the past I have felt embarrassed about my wobbly bits, or that other exercise instructors were judging my fitness level. Ani makes sure all levels are catered for. Most importantly her happy, zestful energy makes the whole workout fun!  Kate

Just letting you know how much I enjoy doing Zumba! For me it is a whole hour pure ME time.... There is no judgement or having to do the dance routines perfectly.... It is letting the music move my body and because every track has got repetitions in it the more you do them the quicker you pick up a dance and then comes the fun bit of seeing how you can umph it up....it makes me feel sexy and alive. Love the range of different instructors and different ways people teach, but yours is definitely high energy! Keep sharing the passion for Zumba!   Kitty

Zumba with Ani is fun and inspirational.  I always leave the class feeling more energetic and happy.  The variety of dance styles and fitness moves keeps it interesting.  I love the choreography of Ani's classes.  Zumba definetly helps with fitness and toning, and because its creative and fun the hour speeds by.  Rachel

Ever since I joined Zumba, I am more energetic and happier with the way I look. I have lost a dress size and am well on the way 2 dropping another :D The best thing bout Zumba is it doesn't even feel like u r working out,just having a big dance party which dancers like me love! Now I'm eating healthier and also exercising a lot more and I love my body more now and my friends and family have noticed a big difference.Zumba has changed my life and I can't imagine not doing it.  Ani is the best Zumba instructor I could ever ask 4, so supportive and encouraging.  Kirsty                                                                                                       

I love KaniKani classes so much I have been coming in from Raumati to Zumba in Karori. Your classes have helped me lose 16kg in just under six months this year :)  Julia

Coming to Zumba in Karori twice a week with you is the best- I love getting my groove on, sweating up a storm and having fun with my sister and mum. I have toned up my legs and the shoulders are looking more defined- must be my love/hate relationship with that Dance of the Arms!  Jennifer