How to create an account to gain access to the Kanikani Fitness Channel

Give yourself time plenty of time (around 10-20 mins) before the live streaming class is about to begin to start the sign up process.  You will only have to do this once.  

1. Click BUY

2. Enter your email, full name, password, repeat password and tick the I agree to the Terms box.  Record your details in a safe place for future reference. Click REGISTER

3. Click to highlight the box you would like to purchase.  Click NEXT

4. Put in your payment details or/and voucher.  Please note if you do put in a voucher code the total of theamount to pay will change.  Click SUBSCRIBE

5. You will see the following screen.  Once it disappears it takes a minute or two to connect you to the livestream.

6. If you see a "Sorry, this media is offline" message, this is normal and means that it has not started streaming yet, or is in the process of starting.