To purchase tickets to our Prom Party please go to our Shop.  See FAQ's Below.

What do I wear?
This years party is a Prom theme. Let the following words inspire you. For the girls think sparkle, bling, sheer, glitz and glam. For the boys think swag, skux, ritz, rockstar and cool. Everyone think fun dressy attire and then add your sneakers. Get creative, keep it cool and comfortable. If you can still rock your 22 year old prom/ball dress, then Bling it on! See the picture, at the end of this section, of Beto and his mates all dressed up for the Zumba® Prom.

What time do we start?
We recommend that you arrive at 7pm, grab a drink and get settled in. The dancing officially kicks off at 7.30pm. If your keen to have dinner beforehand, the Khandallah Trading Company on Ganges Road, has excellent food. But do make a reservation as it gets busy on a Friday night. KTC is also in the Entertainment Book.

Where can we park?
Ganges Road has on-street parking and there is also parking found on it's surrounding streets. You can also park in the Khandallah Presbyterian Church Carpark, Ganges Road, directly across the road from the New World supermarket a few meters away from the town hall. 

Is this going to be a 2.5 hour fitness class?
Yes & No. Dancing is fitness, so yes there will be some serious calorie burning involved. But there will be more "pop" than "squat" and the playlist will be more entertainment focused. There will also be some dedicated breaks so you can mix and mingle and grab a drink. There will be comfortable spaces at the venue where you can park your booty to give it a little rest from all the shaking, popping and wiggling. 

Do we need to bring extra cash for drinks?
No. There will be complementary cool refreshing drinks and water available throughout the night to keep you well hydrated. 

Will there be alcohol available?
Sorry no. The venue does not have a license to serve alcohol. So don't even think about spiking the punch :)

What happens if I get hungry?
We will be firing up the BBQ on the deck outside. A complementary sausage sizzle will be there if you get hungry and vegetarians will be catered for. 

Who will be there?
I have invited some special instructors and their students from all over Wellington to help get the party started and keep it pumping well into the night. We will also have YOU, our Kani Kani students up on stage performing various tracks. This is your chance to shine and have some fun on stage! If you would like to join us for a song then please let us know ASAP. Having you up there, shaking ya' tail, makes the night much more enjoyable and entertaining for everyone. 

Can I invite my friends or/and partner?
Yes! Please do. This is a great way to introduce your loved ones to our Zumba® community without them having to commit to doing a full fitness class. Our parties are always a great spectators sport! You are welcome to pick up a flyer from class and share with your friends. Also we have a Facebook event on our Zumba with Ani Prasad page that you can share with anyone. By the way, this is not like a traditional Prom where you have to bring a partner. Fly solo, bring your partner or meet up with your friends, the choice is yours.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.